Human Talent and Digital Transformation

About Virginia:

Virginia Sanz Sanchez  is a  business consultant and  digital marketing expert. Virginia is with one of the best trained entrepreneurs in the Canary Islands and throughout Spain.

Virginia has worked in Human Resources, Customer Service and Marketing for more than 20 years and provides consulting services for Start ups and Companies who want to experience extraordinary growth.  

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Industrial relations and  Social Sciences. Also she is specialized in  International Human Resource Management, with a Master Degree obtained in Oxford Brookes University (in United Kingdom).

She has more than 15 years of experience within world-renowned transnational organizations such as Amadeus, BASF, Shell or the German Chamber of Commerce. Since 2014 she also works as an independent consultant. He has participated in more than 30 business and personal projects, bringing out the best in people and organizations.

Self-Trained in digital marketing and entrepreneurship, Virginia is a renowned digitalization and growth hacking consultant, author and human talent specialist. Always on the crest of the wave in terms of trends, it has consolidated national and international projects of its own and those of third parties.

Experience and academic knowledge, a mixture that has led Virginia to be able to solve complex problems in the digital era. Analytical, multidisciplinary, creative, skillful and with a broad expertise.

As an Expert in Growth Hacking, Virginia optimizes the time and resources to show you the maximum possible results for your project. Together with her team, She could help you to maximize your results and elaborate a great business plan, responsive websites, Android and iOS apps, SEO Optimization Strategies, Digital Marketing strategies, E-commerces, Web Analytics, Social Media Strategies, Copywriting and Content Marketing. Whatever it is, she can help you with the digitization of your business idea.

The possibilities of growth are endless, the limited is the number of people who know them all thoroughly. Virginia is one of them.


Virginia´s programs specialize in marketing strategies for content marketing, digital marketing, social media, and personal branding. Her clients range different successful start-ups such as Sueños de Belleza, Dr. Burbujas, Lolaflora, Okey Click, and Wizwash. 

Virginia is the author of six best-selling marketing books: El secreto del espejo de Minerva, Sin metas no hay paraíso, Creatividad en Acción, La expatriación y el reto multicultural, Convierte en una autoridad en las redes sociales.

Virginia also decided to start her path in the world of entrepreneurship.

Her first project was Competencias Para el Siglo XXI, an e-learning platform where knowledge related to digital skills, emotional and financial intelligence, communication, leadership and personal branding were imparted.

With 38 years, started her first Digital Marketing Agency, Chenzira Enterprise SLU focused on the development of web pages and apps, cybersecurity, SEO, SEM, WOM, Social Media and E-commerces.

Then, her vision took her down another path and she started a side Okey Click, a mobile app that directly connects service providers with the clients in a quick and convenience way anytime and anywhere. 

Okey Click is a platform that can easily be considered as the yellow pages of our times. 

Following her passion for sailing, Virginia has undertaken a new project called Maxonautica (, which seeks to bring innovation and technology to the world of nautical business.  An extend of this nautical project is Maxotours that allow people to instant book a tour in the Canary Islands from her web

Today Virginia wants to share her experience with entrepreneurs and professionals in general who want to turn their projects and their lives around.

She and her team are available to help you achieve what you have in mind.

To learn more about how Virginia and her team can serve you, contact us today for a free consultation.