Human Talent and Digital Transformation

Email Marketing

E-mail is still the tool of marketing excellence, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to explore.

Surely it happens to you too, do you receive emails every day that you never open and go straight to the dumpster?

If your answer is yes, my experience tells me that it is for one of these reasons:


Unattractive subject line

The service or product is no longer of interest to you

My E-mail Marketing Consulting service will help your emails are never in the trash pile.

We both know that your customers are the most important to you, so you should treat them how they deserve it.

Before becoming a customer, each person interacted with you in a unique and different way. And you should do the same with them!

We will create a marketing strategy to send the correct email to the right person at the right time; thus increasing the opening rate of your emails, which will bring you more customers

You will build solid campaigns, where absolutely everything will be designed to attract customers. From the subject line to the “Call To Action” button, going through the images and text.

Everything in full harmony with the identity you show in the contents of your website, blog and social networks.