Human Talent and Digital Transformation


Search engines are the largest and most effective encyclopedia of our times. Every day there are millions of searches in Google Chrome, Mozilla, Yandex, Bing, Opera and Safari.

And how is it that Wikipedia manages to be first in so many searches? Simple, with an admirable SEO.


Link Building

Descriptions and titles



They have everything that search engines recognize on a relevant page and that offers valuable information that attracts hundreds, thousands or millions of Internet users.

The good news is that your website can become as good or better in those specific searches that your potential customers do online.

Appearing in the first results will generate a torrent of direct traffic to your web page.

We will optimize these and more factors so that you gain more authority and your page goes up and stays at the top of the search engines. Your website will be designed to attract search engines and also users.

You will rise like foam in the search results!

With my SEO, SEM and PPC Consulting service, your website will become the favorite of search engines and will be a source of authority for those who make a query.

You will plant really effective cookies and get traffic from highly visited websites.

Optimize your website now!

Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Before anyone dreamed of having an advertising space in the best magazines or newspapers. Today it is possible that anyone has one.
Google and Facebook are two of the most visited platforms on the planet and with the largest number of users.
And your business can appear in both!
But I mean having a website and a Facebook business profile; I’m talking about advertising on both websites. Ads or Facebook ads are powerful tools to reach new users.
Google Ads or AdWords is the Google service that handles everything related to advertising on Google and the pages subscribed to Google Adsense.
For a very low cost, as low as just cents for every click you make on any ad, Google will show your advertising on your website or any of those associated with your services.
A powerful weapon that can bring many clicks to any web page.
And the same does Facebook. Within this social network there are millions of potential customers to reach.
Advertise an ad or a publication and reach prospects with the same characteristics as your buyer person or your ideal client.
Smart advertising!


Web Analytics

“In statistics, what disappears behind numbers is death.”
Günter Grass
If an action is not measurable, how to know if it really brings results or not?
The data behind each marketing action reveals a powerful knowledge if they are well used.
Knowing where your web traffic comes from, which are the most read entries in your blog or the most visited categories, all of this has an incalculable value in marketing.
And this is just the most basic information.
Would you like to know the behavior of any visitor on your website?
Would you like to direct your visitors from your home page to a landing page of any product or service?
Would not it be glorious to get the most out of every click made on your website?
My Web Analytics Consulting service can help you in that task.
We will follow up on the figures and data that your website shows and you will know reports that will tell you where the growth opportunities for your business are.
And if you do not like mathematics and numbers because there is no problem, looking at the figures graphically is the best way to measure the relevant points.
Discover the opportunities to improve your website.

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